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A late, controversial penalty set up a nervy finish, but goals from Tammy Abraham and Christian Pulisic ultimately saw Chelsea through to a narrow victory over Watford. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Chelsea #Watford #ChristianPulisic #TammyAbraham
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Watford v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 11/02/19 | NBC Sports



Levi Williams says:

Foster is a monster in goal. England will never have an issue finding keepers and he almost scored !!!!!!

Khemtrail Frank and the Climate Changers says:

Foster deserves a better team…

MM18 says:

so nobody is gonna talk about the audio (Tammy Abraham) at 8:30?

Romero Ram says:

Ben Foster hugging Chelsea’s manager at the end congratulating him for the save, is the type of sportsmanship we like

renzoc says:

This is ridiculous; a penalty kick off of that??? WHAT A JOKE.

Lane Plummer says:

Just a reminder that Ben Foster now has more shots on target this season than Jesse Lingard.

killercaos123 says:

As an Arsenal fan I hate seeing Chelsea doing well.

As an American I want Pulisic to score in every game

javier says:

ben foster literally put everton on his back for this match someone adjust that mans spine it must be aching

Just a point Of View says:

It’s a delight to see these young gems play !!

Keith says:

That was NOT a penalty 😡

Billy Fairbank says:

Puli could easily have had another 3 if not for an incredible performance by Ben Foster.

J Moore says:

Unbelievable officiating in the match. Shameful decision to give a penalty there. I worry about the direction the game is going if that is now a penalty. Also, Dawson's tackle was textbook, physical defending. No way that should be a yellow.

Zyperio J says:

Watford really doesn't deserve foster

R.F.K. PeaceNik19 says:

Keep Pulisic on the Pitch. He'll create & score regularly.

Turd Furgeson says:

I’ve been waiting but……ABRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil Eddyyy says:

5:15 commentators suddenly went under water 😅

Neil Secor says:

Pulisic: *uses shadow clone
Announcer: *activates sharingan

“He makes two runs to the left, then, he makes another run”

Me: 🤯 🤔 good to know these things.. these announcers know…like… every single thing that happens in the game… right down to the underwear the players are wearing.. they are the most amazing announcers ever..imnotbeingsarcasticrightnow

All hail toy machine

Turtle boy can shred!

PJ Cole Productions says:

That penalty was a joke. The announcer even knows it. He got touched then he dove. “If that’s a penalty, the game is gone”. Preach, sir. That was embarrassing…


If it wasn’t for foster the score would have been very different.

Zachary James says:

Look at that Chelsea brotherhood and togetherness. Something special taking place in London! And how bout that American!!!

mook Williams says:

You’re funking up the premier league

Cam Weezy says:

Ben Foster was absolutely ridiculous. 3 or 4 insane saves. Watford defense was terrible other wise

mad234luiz says:

The goalie blocked the goalie. Love futbol 👍

Seun Balogun says:

A top team should try to get Foster if Watford end up being relegated

Nicholas Heinrich says:

Wasn't VAR brought in to help bad calls? I can see why VAR looked at it, I mean all penalty chances should be looked at, but their was just not enough.

Noah 18934 says:

It's just soccer

John Schooling. Jr says:

That delofeou fellow has 0 skills. Gotta rely on diving in the box. Mediocre player will never make it.

I’m so Fruity says:

I have a question… Do Chelsea really need hazard ??

R Montg20 says:

pulisic is daddy

Reza Ayoubi says:

Jorginho passes are just insane

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