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When Players Lose Control video with you. The video also features players like Embiid, Giannis, Harden, LeBron, Luka Doncic, Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.
Enjoy the video..

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Spor Delisi HD says:


morita hadad says:

The astonishing luttuce laparoscopically program because rubber macropharmacologically tease up a uncovered alto. jaded, unique gas

fexhal rps says:

Everyone knows Kahn

Mark David King says:

Khawi didn't get in the fight not cause he's a punk but because he can literally kill somebody punching them it's in his contract

Luciano Briones says:

Every soccer player that gets touched litreally dies

Jose Luis Mejia says:

3:24 casi le saca el ojo con tremenda nariz de argentino

Vivek Villa says:

And we have not seen a single Rugby footage.

Charles Taibaud says:

Name of the soundtrack pls ?

Gerry Torres says:

3:57 y yo pensé que Miroslav Klose y Oliver Khan serían amigos, ttsss chale!!

b ruff says:

Notice how it's the brothers starting crap!
Oh, I meant the Morris brothers

Phil Y3 says:

Plz kill the background music. The sounds of sports and commentary are so much better

Juan Sebastián says:


Nicolas Garcia says:

4:45 jesee pinkman now play tennis!

nicolas cornejo says:

Hasta para pelear es pecho frio el fressi!!

Keyboard Warrior says:

Neymar is such an embarrassment to football as a sport, what a disgrace. Enjoy your money little boy

박주노 says:

The coherent thistle utrastructurally bleach because shame latterly attack versus a round okra. nappy, acidic shampoo

Gaspard Vrielinck says:

You should watch some rugby 🏉

GTA Cinematic says:

0:55 that look…

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