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Collection of FAILS and funny moments in Wii Sports Resort for Nintendo Wii. Includes clips of basketball, swordplay, wakeboarding, air sports, cycling, and more. Make sure you don’t miss the musical grand finale at 3:17!

Some sound clips from Wario Land: Shake It (Wii), Star Fox 64 (N64), and Super Mario Bros. (NES) were added, as was a short video clip from Wario Land: Shake It (Wii). I also used the songs Funeral March (by Chopin) and Blue Danube (by Strauss) from the Youtube free music library.

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caneoing you said at the duck get out of my way

Yvena Leonce-renaud says:

0:47 Well Be Right Back

Chelsea Rogers says:

This Is Actually Funny.First, Pin My Comment. This Video is Funny😂😂😂

Did she leave? EYE LEFT. says:

0:26 still a w

Mittens Wichen says:

This would be even funnier on the Mii version of YouTube

Sandra Dye says:

Why is Wario getting hit?

Clare Walsh says:

Wait, i thought i was the only one who made Wii's with faces way out of proportion. HA

Rumples & Things says:

Oh, I did that all the time when trying to dunk :p
Anyone else always laugh at the weird synthesizer sound ound that plays when you crash in the airplane game? 1:02

Хаvier Henry says:

The slam dunk miss physically hurt me

VOLTRON AKA Albert says:

At 0:09 the fuck how did that ball go straight up and the down?

Logan Cudlip says:

poorly made.

ZERATUL 491 says:

I miss playing the wii

Mars says:

I wish this was on wii sports club

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