Winter Olympics Funny Fails

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From a speed skater who grabs his opponent’s skates in order to take him down to a biathlon skier who slips, falls and causes an avalanche of skiers after him we have the funniest Winter Olympics Fails for you! From some brilliant sportsmanship shown by the athletes to some controversies and from some emotional moments to fails and blunders that left us in splits, the Winter Olympics had it all. Here, we look at some of the funniest moments from the Olympics events which went by.

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Interesting Videos says:

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Teejay Mundoc says:

Excellent! 👌👌

The Interesting Channel says:

And fails at the start

ivo todorov says:

And he caught the skates hahahah

Monika Ivanova says:

the speed of skiers is so high

Boxing Channel says:

The disqualified speed skater is so disappointed

Creative Videos says:

A pile of skiers hahahahah

greta todorova says:

The skier who almost took away the camera is hilarious

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