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WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot 126.5m (415 ft) – How Ridiculous

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Tasmania’s Gordon Dam is 126.5m tall. We went to the top and put a basketball hoop at the bottom. The rest is history (and a new world record)!
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Backing track is “Heart & Soul” by Built By Titan (used with permission). Check them out here:…

A big thanks to the Hydro Tasmania, Aardvark Adventures and the Sunday Night program for helping us to make this shot a reality. It’s been a dream of ours to make a shot off Gordon Dam since 2010. This shot breaks our previous Guinness World Record for the greatest height from which a basketball is shot which was 91m off the Euromast in the Netherlands in 2013 (watch that shot here:…). Next stop: The Burj Al Arab Helicopter Pad? Or the Burj Khalifa?

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End-card video music is “Set Alight” by Sun City (used with permission). Check them out here:

Read this far? Comment where you want us to go and try and break this record.

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Tracy Hoornstra says:

guys you should throw a tennis ball from the bottom of the dam to the top

Studio Ciso says:

Wow heart and soul by built by titan ft. Skybourn on the album alpha

Fabiano Rossi says:

OK, three points.

Joe Hare says:

Hey guys I'm in Aus as well love ya vid

SilentMasterSkel says:

Due Perfect still holds the record of 533 ft.

Daniel Borrelli says:

Yes sadly dude perfect beat this watching this after dude perfect doing it it just makes me sad

bananian says:

How many balls were sacrificed?

Jezzamanu says:

363 shots made

EJC Music says:

Watching 1:23 while wearing virtual reality glasses would be pretty scary

Brian Lu says:

I think dude perfect can do it too but you guys are awesome 🙂

Tom_da_bomb 05 says:

Dp just killed your recorded, how do you feel

RTE 463 says:

Still impressive!

Junior Verduijn says:

I feel bad because dude perfect broek the record

hugodestockholm says:

The ca on this shootage is no joke

Hammi&Herbil says:

DP are 533 ft

prince marvi santos says:

Dude Perfect can do that specially tyler

GTA V Super cars says:

In Australia ??

GTA V Super cars says:

I remember this being in the news

Hagalazia says:

this is a fucking fake and you all are fucking retards

Danny Gaona says:

Sorry guys dude perfect now has the world record now

Stephen Boyd says:

Got it first time as well, wow…. that was the first attempt right?

Rem says:

Only took 203491 tries.

dat calculation tho says:

after 4378 tries…

Lita Jaspeo says:

Thats impossible!!

Dylan Burns says:

fake. the basketball was a paid actor

byron williams-brett says:

Enny one out there that wants to have sex

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