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Worst referee mistakes ever – in today’s Top 10 video, we take a look at the biggest mistakes made by referees in the history of football, as JayMike compiles a list of 10 absolutely insane referee decisions that turned out to be massive referee mistakes, and thus some of the worst referee calls in history. No matter the level, the referee will always get criticized, but in this Top 10 worst referee mistakes ever video, we’ll show you some of the referee decisions that were amongst the worst decisions in the history of football – for instance, Josip Simunic getting 3 yellow cards in a match before getting a red card, phantom goals that never were and many other crazy referee mistakes.

Here, you will see a list of some of the worst referee mistakes ever in football history, such as the disallowed goal in Dundee United vs Parthick Thisle, where Paddy Connolly saw his goal cancelled, there’s Paul Gascoine showing the referee a yellow card af the ref had dropped it, Byron Moreno in the Italy vs South Korea match in the World Cup 2002, Stefan Kiessling scoring a phantom goal through the side netting, Josip Simunic getting 3 yellow cards in the World Cup in 2006, Diego Maradona scoring the hand of God goal vs England, Harald Schumacher karate kicking Battiston in the France vs Germany match in 1986, Kieran Gibbs being sent off instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain by Andrew Marriner as he shown the wrong player the red card, Thomas Helmer missing but scoring a phantom goal against Nuremberg and finally, Tony Chapron the French referee, who made a giant mistake as he was tripped by a player, kicked the player and sent him off in the Nantes vs PSG match – all of them completely insane and crazy referee decisions that were definitely among the worst referee decisions and mistakes ever in football history.

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