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We go CRAZY in the NEW Dude Perfect Headquarters, aka DPHQ.
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Criskent Cacho says:

They should do another one in this hq

Craig Bauld says:

What ever happened to the panda

Vibez says:

Me thinking there so rich cause they have that headquarter fast forward 6 years later

wetmath 3000 says:

anyone else cant hear sound?

Sporty Boy says:

Watched this more than 100 time..

janegray20 says:

'G What do you want to chat

SMT says:

Don't let you distract you from the fact that discord has a light mode

Blakescapes BLSX says:

Why does it say old office then they say its a new office?

Ashok Maheshwari says:

is panda actually garett

i don't know says:

why do they keep recommending me 6 year old dp vids 😂

Nicholas Ng says:

Why is it called “old office” they didn’t have or think about there new one yet

Gen_r8 ‘ says:

I legit remember the day this came out

Ivan Markel says:

I miss Panda

Noodlebox says:

Any 2020 viewers 🙂

Unified Whole says:

1:32, Joey and Chandler

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