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In this video, I as an American react to 20 of the funniest Olympic Fails that have happened over the years. Some of these were hilarious!

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Hans Vuijst says:

Yeah these were some incredible moments 🙂

Alpha Omega says:

The speed skating one is a classic because Stephen Bradbury wins a Gold Medal despite being in last place the whole race. The story behind it is that he was lot older than the others and was injured and coming back to racing and really was struggling to even start but figured he wasn't likely to ever make it again at his age so he started and just kind of skated around hoping 2 people might fall over but the other 4 took each other out on the last bend and he kind of just cruises slowly over – it's now a term "To do a Bradbury" is to win without trying. The guy deserved it though as he had come back from almost dying after losign 4 litres of blood in 94 when a Canadian skaters leg had sliced his thigh open and he needed 111 stitches. In 2000 he broke his neck in a fall during training and he was told he would never skate again but he proved the docs wrong. So comes 2002 – he skates 4 races and manages to get through each time using the same tactic of relying on people falling in the hustle and bustle and like the proverbial Tortise in the Tortise and the Hare he won an Olympic Gold Medal.

"Obviously I wasn't the fastest skater. I don't think I'll take the medal as the minute-and-a-half of the race I actually won. I'll take it as the last decade of the hard slog I put in." He also said "I was the oldest bloke in the field and I knew that, skating four races back to back, I wasn't going to have any petrol left in the tank. So there was no point in getting there and mixing it up because I was going to be in last place anyway. So (I figured) I might as well stay out of the way and be in last place and hope that some people get tangled up.

Nathanael Sadgrove says:

A few of these weren't the Olympics

Fallopia5150 says:

That cameraman can run!

Brigid Singleton says:

Iv_only_ like Equestrian sports – Dressage, Eventing & Show jumping. … & Their fails can be quite spectacular !! (Though some can be heartbreakingly aful too sadly. 💞

Margaret Nicol says:

That wasn't just ''an olympic athlete'' – that was one of THE olympic athletes – Usain Bolt – the sprinting GOAT. Imagine if he broken his ankle or something. Aaargh!!!

RichieB76 says:

I was watching the 2002 Winter Olympics live, when the Aussie Steve Bradbury won the speed skating gold medal.
Total pile up on the last corner, and he swoops in to grab the Gold.
Fantastic sporting moment.

wolfie5 says:

False start – disqualified now

Tim Glennon says:

Did you see those hairy armpits of that Australian female weightlifter. 🤣

madabbafan says:

Swimming, just like athletics if you false start it is an automatic disqulification as FINA rules apply Olympics or not.

Paul Kopend says:

Olympics?? Some of these clips are from various Olympics, but most are not. Some are just random sport clips.

Susan Ashcroft says:

I think there was British Bob Sleigh competitor who experienced the same unfortunate fate as the jockey, when her spandex suit split in a place you wouldn't want it to right in front of the camera as she went to crouch to start off!! Thongs can only get better I guess and no doubt 'broke the ice there'…oops!

Norbert Ogutu says:

These new carbon fiber poles keep on snapping…

Catherine Wilkins says:

You will have to watch the film "Eddie the Eagle " a true story about a British man's attempt to be a ski jump champion, its hilarious. He survived.

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