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This little dude is amazing.
I do not own ESPN,
All credit goes to ESPN



Egor Tetenko says:

I check a lot of workouts handbooks. This one from Unflexal is the best.

Asif Irfan says:

when the reporter said what his favourite show is I thought it was gonna be ufc. In fact the boy could do well in mma

vale says:

Fair play to the boy. I like what I watched but you’re pad work is a routine and practised . You need to involve quarter turn, slipping, and ducking! I have a 6year boy who have been boxing since 4years old. When hes on the pads he is looking to step left or right and always moving his head and body. When sparring all that pad work means nothing !!!2 hours a day 100 press ups , why??? It’s to much!!!. You need you back of the poor boy! He’s growing!!! I’m so lucky my boy is being taught by a ABA English Coach!!!!

Michael Mitchell says:

Did he just touch the boys hair like really dude

Dave Chomp says:

I want to kick the reporters head off. He is a piece of shit for demanding anything. He made that little blck lid dance like a monkey for a stupid "new" story. Hope lil kid catches him out and about 6 years from now

KDtool94 says:

In all honest 2 hours a Day is not bad what so ever for a 6 year old. It’s good to exercise the body and mind like that. It will only show him hard work ethics and physical strength that he can translate when becomes a young man.

Moz Dee says:

0ne makes it out of millions. Educate the kid as well just in case he doesn't make it in boxing. A big mistake of many parents

Olivia Banks says:

The kid just looking at they nuts cause he to short

Josep Sankhill says:

Too good n cute.

Q New says:

Why he do his hair like that

Fact Hub says:

The news reporter is gay he keeps saying prettyboy

William Argus says:

He grabbed his hair… weird.

yo yo says:

I am a doxer

yo yo says:

I AM A gerl

rodri11tube says:


XxCaLpErDuDexmasXx 6736 says:

Puff ball head ass

Alex Woodhouse says:

I would destroy that kid

Watching Vids says:

I watched this Live on Cold Pizza years ago. I wonder what he's doing now.

thegolden minecart says:

I have boxing too i training so much like manny pacman

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