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Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute

Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute

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CHILD boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass throws 100 punches a minute – alongside her six siblings all trained by their dad. Under watchful eye of trainer, Rustram, 38, the children have been training in the discipline since the age of three. As well as developing Evnika’s incredible natural boxing ability, Rustram instructs her bothers and sisters how to land a blow. The Kazakh family, who live in Voronezh in Russia, train five days a week often in woods outside their home.

Videographer / Director: Rustram Saadvakass
Producer: Jack McKay, Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips, Sonia Estal

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Mj dude says:

Damn that girl has a punch her form is amazing and her pinch is so straight nice

Nano Schmidt says:

Is it sad that this girl could possible easily take me on

MFIA Snuckerz says:

Of course.. Russia

starry knight says:

I prefer kicking. More power and damage.

starry knight says:

I'm a kid, I don't like boxing as a defence because if you don't realize that people can hit you with all they've got, not just punches

Potato says:

This girl and bruce lee 1 on 1, who would win?

- says:

That's very nice darling. Now get back to the kitchen!

ANTI- NWO says:

meanwhile in russua

Frisky says:

How are y’all critiquing this girl? she’s sooooo young and she amazing, power? She has speed… imagine her 10 years from now with more strength

Sophiaasimmons says:

damn…nobody gonna bully her

Hsj Hsjs says:

Let me get my fade with her??

Cesar , says:

уσυ иєє∂ ѕσмє мιℓк

Bruce Wayne says:

Future Wonder Woman….

mauricio 444 says:

Jaja q tonteria

Tayah Warrilow says:

speak English people

jusun fani says:

she is literally my idol. such a young girl and such power.

Snuman Commenter says:

So? Muhammad Ali can dodge 100 punches in less then a minute

معین مردای says:

من می توانم تو را شکست بدم فقط یک مسباقه دورست بکن تا بینی من اسم JAVADاست

Erikswag 24 says:

I have never boxed and I can throw 100 punches in 40 seconds

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