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I think we invented a new sport.
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A gaming Dude says:

Luke bryan Knockin Boots

Gregor Lesho says:

coby's first win technically

Maela Parsons says:

Will u guys pls pls pls pls do something with Florida Georgia Line

Hayden Knapp says:

Love luke Bryan music the best in the world

Isaac Kim says:

Next archery cart battle with Jeremy Renner. Anybody?

RTP the best says:

Team blue besties , Team twins, team tall giants

Michael Smith says:

like=2019 comment=2020

Sean Martello says:

tall boys the beard bros the prisoners

Chelsea Anderson says:

Team awesome

Karen McLeod says:


Gears Of Tech says:


ty west says:

go luke and cody!!!

Madison Hill says:

go dude perfect and luke bryan

James PO2 S005 says:

never uderestimate the twins

dennis velez says:

Team demon on to strike what. About that

Brisbane Broncos says:

Team Cory sucks

Евгений Бурносов says:

Вы молодцы. Спасибо за ваши видео!!!!

Fencing Team Building says:

Nice, but what if you could block the arrows with foam swords, get close and then attack??

logitstiks 101 says:

Team REDies

Gemma Seniedo says:

team hotdog

mhelmishel gumba says:

coby has 3 wins now

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