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Greg Quintilian says:

love you guys. That said, you guys need some wind screens for your microphones. And ya gotta stop tapping the base and the table. There's so much noise going on during your videos I think I got burglars in my house.🎤

Libbi Denney says:

You guys need some Jared Lorenzen videos. (RIP to the Hefty Lefty.)

SerenaT says:

Look at the guy from Texas at 8:31…men just don't care who sees them do that stuff.

laudanum669 says:

Bartolo Colon was so fun to watch as a player. He played like a kid in the backyard. He was a hell of a Pitcher and had a long career.

Dhaub says:

Just watch an entire video on Bartolo

Anghellica Makes says:

One pound fifteh!

Kristoffer 12345 says:

React to key and peele – turbulence!!

Kilyan Austin Wierema says:

I honestly dont get why americans call that football, they literally use their hands.

Kinjiru731 says:

Good one, I enjoyed that.

Kaden nelms says:

The Bartolo Colon is one of my favorite sports memories. Watch a compilation of him batting. Most entertaining baseball clips

Yeti Melly says:

8:27. B Molina hit for the Cycle. Extremely rare.. Singled, Doubled, Tripled, and a home run in one game.. Extremely rare for a defensive catcher. Career .274 BA.

Paine Thomas says:

It used to be a thing in the MLB that you carried cash in your inside pants pocket so that if you hit a foul ball or gloved somebody's food or drink, you could buy them more. Even if they are your bitter rivals, a replacement meal will make somebody a fan of that person for life.

Source: ex brother in law was a Texas Rangers reliever.

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