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Dude Perfect Trick Shots: Untold Stories is NOW AVAILABLE! Click here for EXCLUSIVE DP content:

. The Dudes compete in an epic Nerf Blasters Battle through an obstacle course to see who is the best marksman!

SEE the full video here!

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Whistle says:

Check out Dude Perfect: Untold Stories, their new behind the scenes video including never-before-revealed DP secrets!

Michael Wiesenfelder says:

The only reason I’m not allowed in my own time

Whistle says:

NEW episode of Dude Perfect Bad Joke Telling right here!

headlights go up says:

Ive been there with the double shorts, Ty.

Christine Worrell says:

Are yall country

Slayer says:

You don’t reply to much comments do you

Laura Winsor Reed says:

I even have a jersey or Brandon cooks

Laura Winsor Reed says:

Try make a video with Brandon cooks why receiver shots

Laura Winsor Reed says:

Check out Phone number is 207 754 8031 if you want to call. It has madden it has baseball it has hockey it has all games like that video games I guess

SkateboardingNinja says:

Lol how long do you think it took to set up those cups

Matej Hantabál says:

Build a slide from the 1st floor in the DpHq2

George Tubbs says:

Could you get dude perfect to reply?

Falcons1102 hodges says:

Hey whistle sports

Joshua Sliger says:

Y'all are awesome

Polarisguyproductions says:

You know that you need to disasemble the gun before you paint it and safety hazard leave the orange tip

Julia Richards says:

Just a legend

korkorproductions says:

Ty has the best one-liners

David Boynton says:

If u reply I will blow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And sub

High Voltage Entertainment says:

Dude perfect is EPIC! Like if you agree


You are so cool. I wish I was you guys

IrishFrosty says:

Jesus they ate a lot of Pringles today to get all those empty cans!

jessica valle says:

you guys are so funny

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