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God of judo! 10 dan Kyuzo (Kudzo) Mifune.

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People can’t believe that this is possible. But this is true.
Only 20 people in the world ever 10 Dan judo!
10th Dan Mifune works on his throw defense against several high level students.
A match is different from training in the fact that who ever gets the first ippon (point) wins.
三船 久蔵 Mifune Kyūzō, April 21, 1883 – January 27, 1965) has been categorized as one of the greatest exponents of the art of judo after the founder,[1] Kanō Jigorō. He is considered by many to be the greatest judo technician ever, after Kanō.
God of judo 2 https://youtu.be/pw6WIkTCck8

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