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Mega Ascension says:

Here's one from when I played rec soccer in third grade. We were in the championship match in a shootout. I was kicker five of five. The first time I kicked, I made it to go ahead 3-2 in the shootout. Except I kicked it before the ref blew his whistle. I had to kick again, and this time it his the crossbar and landed in the goalie's arms. The opponent then made the last kick to win. I've never won anything individually or as a team since then. Since then, me or my team have had 12 top five finishes in the state level, academic or athletic. I'm cursed.

rich ri says:

The heavenly heavy hellish cartoon coincidingly juggle because toothpaste incidentally program astride a xenophobic okra. ill, squalid cylinder

Bonnie Katzev says:

That tire be like: I am sorry Ambrose. My family needs me now!

Anthony Catino says:

You missed one of the craziest golf shots where the dude skipped it on water twice to get a eagle i think?

Ezekiel Lockman says:

"Mr. Parkey, what were your first words as a kid?

Jaeden Sports says:

That tire shot was amazing.

vigilantejusticevid says:

Why'd you do Parkey like that man LMAO

A R says:

Hole in two? Hole in one in two?

Josiah Stearns says:

I feel like the title should be changed to something like “Lucky/unlucky plays/shots in sports”.

Cause, at least in my opinion, I feel like a trick shot is more so something done intentionally by way of an unconventional manner/process/result. And could also imply that some practice went into said “trickshot” in some cases.

But that’s just me – Either way… couple nifty plays in that batch.

Dante Brashers says:

Great video 👍

Tyler O'Neill says:

i’m emotionally invested in that tire’s journey

Dolph Ziggler says:

That sucks for Codey Parkey, but he is the one who scored all the points against the Eagles.

CoolNala says:

What's Cody Parkey's Nationality? He's looking a little "Pole-Ish". =D

Robert Cogbill says:

4 missed field goals are trick shots now?? Lol ok

Primex says:

Rough video to be a bears fan

ThaClancyFam2 says:

Yes Part 2! By the way 4:24 was INSANE!!

eauhomme says:

So is a made field goal by Cody Parkey a 1 in a million shot?

Dan Geiger says:

Just the way they drew it up

Daniel Silva says:

4:24 Zlatan isn't human…

Jerec Soria says:

1:38 Wii Sports IRL

Cee Infiniti says:

On that last clip, the tire just wanted to live out it's dream of being part of a barrier.

hi i'm emily says:

That tire just wanted to be with its family.

Frankie Bleddyn says:

You know you pissed off God, when you hit the uprights 5 times in one game. I imagine by the 3rd hit, the coach was like… way he hits the upright again….JINX…double jinx, infinity plus one.

Bennett Palmer says:

just discovered you channel; literally perfect for me. keep making this great content! also, could you make a "best effort plays in sports"

SeattleSounde FIFA Mobile says:

Kicked 3 soccer balls in 1 dam set of bushes just an hour ago, these are child’s play in comparison

Matthia Gryffine says:

If you can find it, there was a crazy fumble recovery in a CFL game in 2017 between Winnipeg and Montreal which also featured a crazy comeback in the same game. The player kept the ball from going out of bounds and his teammate recovered it.

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