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How To – DIY Wrestling Bed for Kids – Hallmark Channel

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Matt Rogers has the perfect DIY for any kid’s room, a wrestling bed! This easy craft is inexpensive with the entire bed costing only $80 to make. While fun, this bed is just for looks and should not be used as a real wrestling ring.
Try Matt’s DIY Wrestling Bed here:

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Pokefan96 says:

Why is the girl from The Flash CW here? ?

yourefat andlazy says:

something tells me this show would run great without the two bimbos in the middle

Алия Казиканова says:

Капитан америка

ElitEBarbarin 5 says:

Unless you have a stupid big bed

TheRobloxAnimals says:

I want this..

Jnasty_619 gaming says:

This is for a couple that loves "wrestle fuck" lol

Zavion Hamilton says:

Awsome dude

Claire Aurelia says:

I lake john cena never give up

Mirian Gallegos says:

Si tú quieres que sea un niño

Antwan Jackson says:

I like it wwe

Jayden Gogue-Laluangphet says:

Can I have it

Russel Amiel says:

I want that and smack down

Dww Alexa Bliss says:

So an I the only one who would jump off the top

Pbjalicia says:

My brothers birthday was today and we did this for him he loves wrestling

aj says:

my mom said she that it's the same true boxing but not big

sweet hearts says:

I wish my mom or dad would let me make a ring like that but a bigger bed

Rocco Farrell says:

Pennsylvania is my location…send it to me, please!?

christian chunn says:

can you do my bed like your's

christian chunn says:

can you do my bed like you's

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