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Ian Wright defends Pogba after controversial deleted tweet following Mourinho sacking. The chaotic scenes at Manchester United throughout 2018/19 reached their climax on Tuesday morning.

After months of speculation, Jose Mourinho was removed from his post as manager following a 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday afternoon.

To make matters even more chaotic, Paul Pogba then had to delete a social media post titled ‘caption this’, with the Frenchman smirking towards the camera.

Conveniently, the post went out just moments after the Mourinho news was announced, but it has since been clarified that there’s no connection between the two.

Adidas have since confirmed that the sponsored post was indeed scheduled, but Gary Neville was quick to slam Pogba’s actions.

The United legend posted “you can do one as well” – aimed at Pogba – on his official Twitter account.

However, it’s clear that the tweet did not come from Pogba himself.

Adidas’ sponsored hashtags are present in the tweet – which you can see below – and the Frenchman would never risk his reputation in such a way.

And Arsenal legend Ian Wright has acted as the voice of reason in response to yet another fiasco involving Pogba.

Wright said on his official Instagram: “Chill! That Paul Pogba tweet was obviously sponsored/automated. No way the player or Adidas want to risk their relationship with the club like that.”

Well said, Ian. Some of the replies to the tweet suggest United fans are not happy with Neville’s reaction and appreciate Wright’s backing of Pogba.

While the timing was incredibly inconvenient for both Pogba and his team, it seems wrong to condemn the midfielder when his post was clearly not linked to Mourinho’s sacking.

The fact the Frenchman is well-dcoumeted as not being a fan of the Portuguese’s coaching style certainly didn’t help matters this morning.

Now, Pogba and United need to move on from a situation that has been toxic at the club for some time.

The only way is up, surely?



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