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Kyle Walker’s tweet backfires after Pogba deletes ‘reaction’ to Jose Mourinho’s sacking

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Kyle Walker’s tweet backfires after Pogba deletes ‘reaction’ to Jose Mourinho’s sacking. Manchester United sacking Jose Mourinho after two-and-a-half years as manager was the big breaking news on Tuesday morning.

And yet, Paul Pogba was the name on everyone’s lips.

Pogba has endured a strained relationship with Mourinho throughout his time at United and this season it completely deteriorated.

On too many occasions to count Mourinho has come out in the press slamming the Frenchman for his poor performances and attitude on and off the pitch.

Sometimes it’s been undeserved, but other times Pogba has genuinely been terrible for United and given Mourinho no choice.

Rumours of training ground bust-ups between the two became the norm in the last few months of Mourinho’s reign, so when the Portuguese was finally axed, Pogba made his feelings clear.

Or he appeared to make his feelings clear, at least.

Not even an hour after United announced Mourinho’s departure, Pogba uploaded an image on Instagram and Twitter of himself smirking. The caption for both posts was: “Caption this!”

Pogba’s management team have since insisted the posts were scheduled and had nothing to do with Mourinho’s sacking, while Gary Neville has told the 25-year-old to leave.

Check out a screenshot of the Instagram post below.

Pogba has since deleted the post from Instagram and Twitter, but he’s opened a can of worms and the next few days will be very interesting for his own future.

Even Manchester City’s Kyle Walker has reacted to Pogba’s social media slip-up by tweeting: “Who deletes tweets these days?!”

But embarrassingly for the England right-back, his tweet has also backfired.

Numerous football fans have pointed out that Walker once deleted a tweet of him calling City fans “glory fans” while he was at Tottenham. Here’s what he wrote:

“All u (sic) man city fans u can talk now we will just see at the end of the season.. Was u all there when city was no where to #glory fans.”

Awkward. Maybe Walker was joking about his own tweet from all those years ago, but rival fans have made sure to dig him out regardless.


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