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SUPER MINI KARATE GIRL STAR: Jesse-Jane McParland, has earned the nickname “JJ Golden Dragon” by starting her martial arts training at three and then winning 117 total titles, becoming the youngest WKC Female World Champion ever while winning 9 WOMAA European Championships and landing a role in “The Martial Arts Kid” – a movie co-headlined by martial arts/action-movie legends Cynthia Rothrock and Don “The Dragon” Wilson



Tamu Malone says:


Jhony Cevallos Cevallos says:

Si res niña se te hase los brasos como de hombre soy ariana de nada

Kesley Henrique says:


ひとみりくと says:


Brady Combs says:

That isn’t karate I’ve been doing it for eight years you don’t do backflips?

Fabiola Laganella says:

Non sa fare karate

Mia xoxo says:

I do karate and this is NOT karate!!!?

xhead 72 says:

I literally teared wathing this.. Amazing girl!

Jimin Would Have Jams If He Didn't Get Insulted says:

I don't care whoever says this is not Karate, I love her talent. No matter what it is, the music is supposed to motivate them to move more other than what it supposed to be said.

Yara Betancort says:

This isn't karate

Scared Robin says:

always go back to this video when i have a bad day at training or fighting. always gives me inspiration to never stop 😀

Кирюха Гро says:

арёта как

Donarenko Diazu says:

poor little girl…….

Menekşe Çakirlar says:


Justin Stuart says:

This is more gymnastics than marital art. .sorry

GLEB Plahotny says:

В настоящем карате не орут и не делают таких глупых ударов,я как человек с синим поясом заявляю это,чёрный пояс не может быть у девочки 11 лет,пусть тогда она сразится с настоящим чёрным поясом

1234567890 MARCHMELLO says:

Beznadzieja ??????????

albert19ful says:

Top class . Better that some fat old tortoise with no hair and stupid half inch ponytail ,dressed in a bad fitting karate suit . No chance against this dynamite girl

Conservador primitivo says:

My gosh????? 1:20 minutes end seconds

Conservador primitivo says:

Wha't ????

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