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Mike Tyson teaches Brian Urlacher how to throw a knockout punch.

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Максат Аубакиров says:

Бокс -это придуманный спорт для Майка!

Sergey Tarakanov says:

Тайсону уже нужна палочка.

23zhenyok says:

Крутая куртка

offend, be offended. NBD says:

Mike is like "uhh yeah, that's good too"

Alex Gobin says:

How tall is Mike Tyson really?

Ron Thunders says:

god i love mike:) i think he may be slowing down or has gotten punchy 🙁 he doest act like this anymore on interviews at all

Taka Smaka says:

Thats racist

legend4ya says:

As soon Tyson got up from the chair, the punch bag started shaking..

Zabba says:

This guy doesn't know how to format a fist

Joseph1NJ says:

For you fight fans, look how Mike punches with his whole body. 220 lbs of angry full body force.

redcon1gear says:

Love to get real boxing lessons from this dude

Паша Америка says:

Tyson,ты лучший из всех боксеров !!!

Yusup Nuradinov says:

Mike old and still powerful and dangerous. great left hook

Taylor George says:

I am happy for Mike Tyson He has come a long way. Decent man youngest heavyweight ever and in his prime – the baddest man to ever walk the planet.

boal kam says:

Among them he is the shortest and the strongest

김씨아저씨 says:

저리 왜소한 사람이 세계 챔피언이었다니,, 대단할 대자네 ,,나의 우상 ,,양 옆에 있는 사람들이 더 헤비급이네 ㅎ

Angus MacGOYver says:

Why don't these big men have any power ? I could it a bag harder when I was 12.

Александр Липовец says:

У тайсона прямой какой то не прямой

rellik187redrum says:

He's the best of all time by far.

Krum Krumov says:

nai dobri a legender

Naphal Genesis says:

Y polke mike tyson je colocó las de bob patiño

Almir Andrade says:

The Iron Mike Tyson career was short, but eternal in our minds and hearts. Long life Mr Tyson!

Nik Rama says:

Mike Tyson never died !!!

David Sanchez says:

The best Forever!! Aron Mike Tyson!!!!

Dana Wana Pskana says:

Mike uses his energy more like a martial artist

Ab Ab says:

I learned more in 30sec about boxing than i did my whole life!!!

Cheurfa Toufik says:

Notre fierté quant en voi un noir champion, ma fierté c'est l'Afrique

yalçın ekiz says:

world of the champion mike tyson !!!!!

Jay Jay says:

Mike should be a boxing coach

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