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Mike Tyson Swings At Floyd Mayweather & Floyd Doesn’t Even Flinch – EsNews Boxing

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In this video we take a look at the story behind the story.
EsNews is a sports channel talking to stars, celebs, trainers, fans and reporters.

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Miguel Vasquez says:

No via a paquiao , el chino maidana y canelo tampoco

Адель Мишагин says:

Майк тайсон))))

Merle Therrien says:

I could easily beat Mike Tyson in his prime >:(

gsg9ff says:

Duran to Cotto'
"Que cojene!, yo soy el quinto mejor peleador en los últimos 80 anos y numero 15 mejor mundial"
"Pa carajo se van todos no jodan!"

TheOfficialSamoan Stoner says:

Because he’s a boxer and a businessman not an idiot. Had Tyson for whatever reason actually hit him. Tyson would be dead broke by the end of the video.

svfights says:

Floyd was just glad Tyson didn't try to bite his ear off.

Angelo Castillo says:

He didnt see it comin'. If you know he about to punch you or whatever you're gonna flintch but if you don't expect it your body wont react the same way. He would have been knocked out if he actually punched him. ??

alexandria williams says:

It’s so sad how y’all hate on Floyd man, y’all just need to die right now..

Mind Power1134 says:

Even if he beats mayweather he still winz makes no scence…

Samuel Barr says:

mike and julio cesar were fucking greeeeeeeeeeat.

FightingRacist1by1 says:

Mike demonstrated he could still throw a mean accurate as right

Jonathan Hunter says:

Literally the baddest mtf on stage.

Jerome Dennis says:

Lmao @ everyone trying to con Tyson away from Floyd! they know whats up

emre hattus says:

who is the woman ? she is muhammad ali's wife?

Gabriel Ranglong says:

He's not even fit to stand beside Mike Tyson.

jun gun says:

haha why does flyd have 2 and the others just one

KristaL Mac LeoD says:

tyson has had bigger craps then that little COWARD.

Tenzin Namgyal says:

Mike Tyson be like u lil pussy..

TheArcadeForce says:

Flinching is a natural reaction if you don't move back then your gonna get hit real hard and you'll probably be knocked out, theres no time to decide is this a fake punch or is he actually gonna hit me. If your thinking about that then your gonna be a pile of bones KOed on the floor.

zahid isaacs says:

fuck Mike would still break your face,you can see that fire is not dead

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