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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks about the game and important plays in the postgame press conference after the Seahawks’ 43-16 win over the San Francisco 49ers in the Week 13 matchup at CenturyLink Field.

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DisGuy316 says:

So humble really a great man and a great player

swthero says:

Still the most humble guy from 2012 till now

Jaon1991 GutierreZ says:

This man brings people together and is an amazing positive force to actually unite the country. I am a huge fan mr. Wilson.

DZsquid says:

Man russel seems to be such a great guy. GO HAWKS

H20 says:

Russ is the man family man hard working positive even when there down!!! Go hawks and go russ #3!!

Sam Dath says:

Janikowski needs to wake up

shane rock says:

good win for us, but we need to cut down on penalty, especially offense of line holding call…go hawks!

BlackMamba says:

Wilson is so underrated. He’s such a positive guy, and he never gives up. Cmon hawks, let’s get that 5th seed. #gohawks

Bobby Wagner says:

How about them SEAHAWKS

Xavier Tinnon says:

Russ is so genuine man. He literally is happy talking Bout helping out. You can tell it's his passion. Keep up the work brother and keep grinding…#GOHAWKS

beWARRENed says:

Hey Sherm, how does it feel to be a mediocre cb on a less then mediocre team.. Russle threw a bullet right at you. It's funny how you dont give credit where its due, you say, the run game put wilson in position to throw td`s and when the qb scrambles they change the route and do anything its something you cant stop no matter how smart you are. Or putting the blame on not getting turn overs and failing redzone opportunities, just say you got beat by a better team, stay humble stop breaking the brotherhood code.

Slynell1 says:

the defence has to be better against the vikings

wellforth says:

Keep up the Good work
Russell both on the field and of it… And take the Seahawks to the play offs and then the Superbowl.

Jonathaniel Cha says:

russ is such a great example on and off the field

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