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Extended Highlights presented by Heineken

Time is called on a convincing victory for Chelsea, with Giroud having a remarkable night as he scores all four goals. It’s one to remember for him and with that, Chelsea make sure they will finish top of Group E. Sevilla are confirmed in second after their first home defeat in 15 UEFA competition fixtures.

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Coleman Nyholm says:

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bthenrichs says:

We never should have got rid of him.

alex wong says:

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Will M says:

Giroud can have one of those days.

Ivan Espinoza says:

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anh hoang says:

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Drew Castronovo says:

Those Chelsea kits are legit the worst kits I have ever seen

sehhi vooty says:

Giroud > Abraham

Nigel Cross says:

Checkout The American Ladcast if you enjoy football/soccer commentary

Relevance says:

That hit on Kai was a punk bitch move.

Luk Schmidtzel says:

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AbOmar Syr says:

lampard now coaches Chelsea

Juan Mejia says:

Sevilla’s goalie is so bad

oiuet souiu says:

And Thats why he always gets the French national team call up.

Frazier Milak says:

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joshua2010660 says:

giroud for totw

John Desnoyers says:

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Tania Crowe says:

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Withrow Portugal says:

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Robert Negron says:

Giroud is a threat great player

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