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When this video of Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba meeting in training was released, there were stories everywhere but what did Mourinho actually say to Pogba? What were they discussing? Here’s the full transcript of the video and the truth behind it.

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Green Squirrel says:

Who is watching it in 2022 after ole is sacked

Jay-R Tabar says:

Man U is a much much better team now without Mourinho lol

Voltaik says:

so slow wifi destroyed our beloved man utd :/

kev b says:

You just robbed 2.3 million people of valuable life

Azna Waheed says:

What pogba and Jose mourinio was actually talking about:

Buttless Bee says:

Nice shirt 👕 Sam

Lloyd Christmas says:

Mourinho had every right to be angry with Pogba

Newton Heath says:

Jose "was" trying to be Paul's dad

Conor Mcregor says:

Pogba is disgrace of United's history. Pogba needs learn respect. The person he is talking to isn't some typcial coach or some butthead assistant coach.İt's freaking Jose Mourinho. Pogba yelling about how bad tactic are? İf he's so noisy about tactic he direct one match so we see who's winner

eric Derek says:

One gone one going

Eejaz Rasheed says:

I hate mourinho he ruined a lots of players and people

Lee Matthews says:

Shit man management.

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