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Zarnab Rashid says:

Top guy. Love Mourinho!

Patrick Lawler says:

His management style is outdated. He manages his players with fear, a simple mistake and you get dropped form the team or he publicly shames you. Everyone knows that doesn't work with modern players. Modern players need one on one man management. Retire Jose

maddy love says:

Just stop barking mate

21bnk says:

Sucks for fellaini hes not even on the bench after his dad is got sacked

Kamal Thapa says:

Toxic arrogant and outdated manager

Adam James says:

He can say what he wants, his way is not good enough anymore, in a consistent way anyway.

This guy wants to be the reason teams win not apart of why his team win. He isn't the star the players are. You need discipline but also respect is earned, when you quick to put it out there about a bad performance from an individual you outcast them and then "the team" element gets lost.

Forget pogba look at how this guy treated Shaw, a great potential who suffered a horrific injury and was trying to come back then Jose a guy who couldn't lace shaws boots as a footballer said that silly shit about coaching him from the touchline and most of the performance was down to him!!!!

After that comment I couldn't wait to see him fuck off away from utd.

markbr says:

Top manager but not the best as he used to be. Outdated philisophy and defensive tactics that are mentally hard for the new generation of players to maintain more than 2 seasons. Poor man-management skills which has not changed since his first Chelsea sacking in 2007. Still has an attractive aura but he will not succeed like before unless he changes

Kevon Duke says:

He can't adapt to the new way of football he is stuck in the pass

Mushotsi Emile says:

Mourinho is right ,I like his speaking seriously

yahya majid yahya hilal al -harthi says:

Mourinho failed to Coach UNITED. Always fought with players not only United But also other club Real Madrid we observed., So he was the main conflicts among the players.

James Rufus says:

Tenses are awful

G Gully says:

Lol 😁 😁 foolish

DZ Ddteo says:

Out of date José , gone finished

David Ong says:

IE, thank you. The truth hurts.


Where is the 'dig', dick.

Tony Jones says:

Who cares about Manchester use to be its not and will never be relevant again #use to be #past thence

Dokkan Stuff says:

Some people in the comments are just as if not more delusional than mourinho himself smh

Mandy smith says:

what a bitter prick,old dinosaur in modern mangerment

heaven75 sk says:

One thing. Klopp sold Coutinho for 142mil last season in January. Klopp bought VVD for 75mil and Alisson for 65mil. Poor maths: 75+65=140

Wayne Fraser says:

Always about Jose. SAD.

Adeoti Lekan says:

"I sink it's a problem…I sink the players…"

IE says:

It's a sick club, past its heyday. Very commercial. They want to sell the fantasy to their fans without actually delivering. Right now the fans are over the moon because of the Solskjaer appointment. He reminds them of the good old days of Fergie. Anything that reminds them of the past is good … anything that pulls them away from it is bad … That's the mentality of your average Man Utd fan. They live in the past. The less glory they have in the present, the more they stick to the glory in the past. It hides the sad truth from them: their heyday as a club is OVER.

They are now a banter club – bloated in fans and revenue – but not in good results.

Six years without a major trophy … and it looks as if they will be without one for another six years.

As long as the fans keep living in the past, and allow the Glazers to manipulate them, they will be used. Some fans have invested THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the club. They've fanboyed it for years, bought season tickets, bought the kits … but what have they got to show for it? No success.

They might as well fanboy their local club than Man Utd because Man Utd is no longer going to bring glory to the fans. They will keep losing and losing, and gradually the arrogance of Man Utd fans will fade away too. Fans of other clubs will ignore them when they talk about the past. They had a chance to win a major trophy … and they blew it. Probably the closest they will ever get, and they wasted it.

The club is rudderless. The owners are just there to exploit it financially. The fans are the marks to make money from.

The owners expect the fans to delude themselves that this Solskjaer dude is going to get them to win … they want the fans to believe the players are the best of the best – the best outfield player in the world, the best keeper, the best this, the best that … and the owners want the fans to keep spending in this belief.

Reality will come crashing down on the fans soon – and when it does, it won't be pretty. They will realize they've been tricked – and that the owners are just feeding them delusions in order to make money from them.

The owners hope they can keep this con going because it's getting harder and harder to deliver. The quality of the players is going down. They can't attract the top managers as they used to … they no longer can guarantee players and managers UCL football.

When a big club winds down, it's not a good sight. Things go from bad to worse. It's a slippery road. Fewer top-quality players want to join the club – the club has to pay higher wages to attract them – bribe money.

Even then, they mostly get the older unwanted players or players who are at the end of their careers. Or they get untested players – players who are supposed to have potential but who are unproven. Or they get the problem players – the ones who have disciplinary issues and the club is glad to get rid of …

So the club becomes a magnet for these kinds of players.

As for the managers, the club can't attract managers of the highest caliber. As they run through the gamut of managers, there are no more trophy-winning ones left to scout …

Top-quality managers don't want to go to a club where the players have got disciplinary problems. They want to go to a club that's well-managed. They want to go to one where they will be able to play in the Champions League. They want to work in one where they'll be backed by the owners.

So now the club seeks the Pochettinos of the world – the managers who have not won any trophy … and the same things rear their head … the lack of quality, only superficial improvement, no trophies …. down and down the club spirals downwards.

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