LEGO Dude Perfect Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle

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Psalm 113:3


Ella Keith says:

Dude, this is so enjoyable and really awesome, I literally can't stop smiling, nice work, hehe, I bet if the dude perfect gang saw this, they would be like "Awesome", 😁😎👍

Rebekah Griffith says:

Just subbed when I saw the bible verse in the description. It made me happy 🙂

Rebekah Griffith says:

WOW!!!! This is incredible. I wish they got more veiws though.

Aarya Kulkarni says:

Well done
I am sure it must have so much time but you really pulled it of nicely

Rohan Mehta says:

I dare you to show this to dude perfect

Tarquin Nielsen says:

Mate this is next level. Congrats.

JJ Wise says:

Nicely nicely done i can't tell a difference

Andrew Piotrowski says:

youur good nice job

john selos says:

Fall guys logic:

SammyPoops :D says:

Ngl you should have more subs

Skit Central says:

So underrated

Puffin Studios says:

I love this vid it sooo cool the amount of detail u put in was amazing

JabegamerYT awesomeness says:

Bro, I'm not a animator, or stop motion, but how did you make like the pebels float

Bro, Are you gonna reply😢😭💔

Baller 34 says:

Great job and effort

Nebula_X says:

Hey guys I would love it you subbed to my channel I just like to make people happy

BeefyFTW says:

These take a month right?

HM Stopmotionz says:

How long does it take u to make these?🤯

Kakashi 01 says:

What is your religion

Terminator 7 says:

Dude that's perfect

Frostbite says:

Yeah I tried a Mini one it was 0.1 second

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