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Update: For those wondering, I provided a link to hand wraps similar to the ones in the video.

This video demonstrates how to wrap your hands with long 180″ hand wraps for our kickboxing program at Hand wrapping provides extra support for your wrist and knuckles so that you can get the most out of your boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai workouts without injury.

To wrap your hands, place the loop around your thumb and start wrapping around the back of the wrist. Wrap around the wrist 2 to 3 times. Next, wrap around the thumb to protect the thumb joint then once again around the wrist.

Go up to the knuckles along the back of the hand. Wrap around the knuckles 2 to 3 times. Finish by making an X on the back of the hand as you go back down to the wrist.

Now, go between each finger starting with the pinky and work back towards the index finger.

Repeat the X on the back of the hand and wrap the knuckles 1 or 2 more times. Finish by wrapping around the wrist and securing.
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Sage frost says:

Thank you this helped a lot.

Weak Endz Barbell Club says:

Very simple and easy to follow ??

starvin marvin says:

Every damn handwrap tutorial has everyone commenting it's the wrong way, wtf people.

Mason Gunn says:

Best hand wrap video about nice and slow so can do it along great for learning

Cosette Awad says:

The best the easiest and the fastest one. Thank you Tim !!

SuperLuigiAdam says:

Best toutoriul 10/10

Carlos Arias says:

where can we buy it

Keith Parkinson says:

definitely a good starters choice

Valter Siba-Siba says:

Definitely the most comfortable hand-wrapping method for me! Simple and very effective

Ernesto Aguilar says:

This is one of the worst ways to put on hand wraps.

I Am Apollo says:

for beginers this might seems like a stupid answer to a stupid question but you wrap your hands in boxing so you don't cut your knuckles or fingers so often it usualy takes 2 or3 weeks for your cuts to heal at least…

Eliza Tsang says:

When I joined Revolution MMA ( the trainers taught me how to wrap my hand with wrist band.  They did not demonstrated I had to wrap between the fingers.  I am surprised to see this.  Wonder if Revolution is professional or they were just treating their members casually and not paying professionalism just from wrapping the hands to start.  Disappointed.

costanzaman42 says:

is this the same type of wrap job you would want to do if you're putting boxing gloves or mma training gloves on over?

KINGZz MRpro says:

thats the worst wrapping for muay thai!!!!!!!

Hells Maid says:

oh wonderful then that means i dont have the right size. if the smallest size doesnt work how am i going to comfortably wrap my hand? because my hands arent very big (granted im a female and im a tad smaller) the small ones wrap wrong but all the way around my hand still. and even then its really REALLY hard to get the wraps to not be so thick on my wrist. as in its always too tight and wrapped the wrong way and i cant move my wrist at all. im guessing im going to get tons of answers like "just go buy new wraps you little piss baby" but hear me out these dont need to be wrapped for usage- its for a cosplay. so i dont wanna have to spend extra money on wraps that arent going to fit right or that i wont be able to wrap correctly- or that wont stay on for the 4-8  hours ill have them on for the convention. i like the way it was shown to do it and id do that if i could but these are too short i litterally can do this minus the fingers… idrfk im just kinnda pissed i DONT know how to wrap my hands and wrists yet and i OWN a fucking punching bag. and i coulda been doing this instead of damaging my knuckles and wrists.

Carrie Grinyer says:

Thanks you really helped

Samim Bey says:

Wow, thanks for that Mr.Tim you made that hand wrap look so simple:i,ll try to remember every step to it

Jack Aaron says:

what the hell, i do not  even know what the hell i am doing because there is no talking in it

Country Boy Ogre says:

Thx for the video, I dont agree with the people saying there isnt enough wrist support. Helped my wrapping look better. Thx again.

MrIronbo says:

Should've went up on the wrist more.

Fast Donny 316 says:

I thought I'd let you know that your 180 wrap tutorial was extremely helpful.  Great job!  Keep brining quality videos like that one to YouTube.

Muhammad Carrim says:

What wraps do we have to use?

Guilherme Trindade says:

This way to wrap is very interessant
RTF #1 – Como colocar bandagem (Boxe, Muay Thai, MMA)

Guilherme Trindade says:

This way to wrap is very interessant
RTF #1 – Como colocar bandagem (Boxe, Muay Thai, MMA)

ja2595 says:

Not much wrist support with this method. Also, when you're ready to finish off the wrap, the end should be wrapped further down the forearm. If it's done this way, the wrap will become loose. 

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