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How to Wrap Your Hands – BOXING (best method)

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Learn the proper way (and my favorite way) to wrap your hands to increase your punching power and prevent hand injury. I use 180″ handwraps!

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Napster Fightness and Martial Art says:

can you or anybody tell me from where we can buy this for wrap….

John Karr says:

When making an instructional video about how to properly wrap your hands, it's best to use wraps that are the ideal length for your hand.

Lorenzo De Baets says:

Instructions unclear wrap is stuck around my dick

searchoverload8 says:

Isn't wrapping between the knuckles illegal in amateur fights?

Joseph Karlo Pablo says:

helpful tnk

MRcrackhead 123 says:

I have watched this video 20 million fucking times and still can't do it

My Thoughts says:

With that much WRAP I would rather wrap up my opponent into a mummy and beat the hell out of him.

Learn With Me Sci-zone says:

Is he using tape

Angus Tomblin says:

Your not helping ??

Hung says:

Good technique, been years since I've actually wrapped my hands both for training and sparring so this was useful for re-learning it. Subbed just for that and because I love boxing/kickboxing.

Bhris Jeribho says:

Fucking Everlast wraps have to be completely unrolled to get to the loop

stop eating animals says:

please go slower .

KasHCubeD says:

Typical boxing instructional video; with the sound of skipping in the background.

Raubie Jordaan says:

Im 14 years old and i wanna know should i get a 180" hand wrap or 108" ?

Haitham Bamaseer says:

How you can close your fist ✊.. don't you think it's hard to close it .

What's the point if you can't close your fist ✊

SophMoney Plus says:

This video was great! U don't need great quality or cool transitions, just information, and u explained everything so well. Thank you so much!

Raiwat Sagdeo says:

Better than Shane fazen's method

dafullclip says:

nice. thanks

mohd abd says:

The best yet the easiest how to wrap video. Period.!

Abdurahman Said says:

Thank you very much sir!

kasper lehtonen says:

Elbow legend chaos what combination association fault index client four twelve.

Base ball says:

Good vid man ??

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