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Def not a Gangsta says:

Damn Whittaker ain't that much bigger than adesanya then i thought he was

joshh wattts says:

not that it means anything but whittaker definitely won that staredown…..

Ronnie says:

The only person who can rock the fanny pack is Rogan.

daniel balcazar says:

Adesanya looked nervous especially as he turned to face the crowd.

Y Hideit says:

Robert staring into Izzy's SOUL. …LOL !

Skip Town says:

Hope his operation has healed good a few big kicks will soon see .

MrCoop187 says:

Whittaker needs to humble this fool

Darrell Morris says:

I hope Robert kos this dude. I'm not a fan, he's trying too hard.

Broken Glass says:

I hope Israel gets fucked up big time, the cocky fart burger.

Hans Cowan says:

Funny how Rob not responding to Israel shit talk, the same talk everyone in boxing and ufc is doing nowerdays. Israel need a find himself man like the bros awkward and shit, premeditated sayings, Rob ain't even responding. I'm kiwi but israel gonna get dropped we all seen what Gastelum did to him so let's see. Lata bo

Raul Vega says:

Does this guy have a fanny pac on? Instant demerit

innocent chinedu says:

Isreal all the way… Nigerians 🇳🇬are solidly behind you bro!

Carlyons Customz says:

Adesanya is a Cocky Fuckwitt

tiredoftomorrow 01 says:

Israel fought and WON Silva. Silva is a god, of course he’s old but he fought a full 3 rounds with the Brazilian god, Whittaker has no chance man

Chita Nkhata says:

Adesanya all day!

JohnTavares IsALeaF says:

Israel looked into his eyes and saw the fury and had to look away.

MashUp Beatz says:

Adesanya is gonna get hurt

lbsoherewego says:

Whittaker will smash him

Ragalie Ion florin says:

I do believe Robert Whitaker will get it done.

1up Overboss says:

Great lets just hope robert can make it to the fight

2 SUSS says:

Stylebender and he's fake belt such a show off

Leo Lau says:

Hope that black ass gets knocked out

Hell Yea says:

Kratos look

Champ Lehner says:

Whittaker by KO.

gutterpunktarzan1 says:

Dont care whoe wins. Just excited!

White Owl says:

So hard to choose the Maori boy Whittaker or the kiwi Adesanya?

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